Services & Expertise

Category Assessment

SOURCEONE will conduct a complete assessment using IRI syndicated data on specific categories of interest to our clients.  The assessment will include:

  • Current state of the category
  • Historical view of category
  • Competitive assessment

>         Current brand drivers

>         Historical brand drivers

>         Key success factors

Brand Strategy Decision

The decision on brand strategy – specific to our clients agenda – is pivotal to the overall launch strategy and will greatly influence the marketplace success and profit potential of the products.  SOURCEONE will develop a perspective and a recommendation for our clients, based on the best approach including:

  • Exploration of the range of options
  • Implications of alternative strategies
  • Assessment of pros / cons of each strategy specific to the market
  • Examples of other successes / failures in the marketplace

Go-to-Market Strategy

With a recommendation on branding, SOURCEONE will then fully leverage all of the learning’s to date, synthesize key findings and insights, and optimize the specific executional elements in order to develop a cohesive and comprehensive go-to-market strategy and plan for our clients products.

More specifically, SOURCEONE will develop a robust recommendation to include the following:

  • Product offering

>         SKU assortment and rationale

>         Retail packaging optimization

  • Brand and Marketing strategy

>         Consumer targeting

>         Brand positioning and architecture

>         Consumer message strategy

>         Advertising, promotions, and PR

>         Interactive strategy:  online, social, mobile

  • Distribution strategy

>         Focus on priority drug accounts

>         Other retail channels

>         Consideration of online and ecommerce strategies

  • Pricing strategy

>         Targeted everyday pricing by channel

>         Retailer margins

  • Merchandising strategy

>         Shelf placement recommendations

>         Planogram suggestions

>         Off-shelf merchandising opportunities

  • Trade promotion plan

>         Overall strategy and fit with brand marketing plan

–         Initial launch tactics and on-going strategy

>         Promoted price points

>         Timing and frequency

>         Customize by account

  • Size of market opportunity / sales forecasting

>         A sales forecast will be built for the launch year

–         By account

–         Including initial pipeline requirements

>         Projected volumes:  everyday turn and promotional